Who We Are

  • Approximately 230 churches and 110 servant ministries are included on our contact list
  • About 70 churches and 75 servant ministries are registered website partners of CCNL
  • 30 business and professional people participate as Stakeholders
  • Our Leadership events welcome about 70 ministry leaders 7 times each year
  • The London Christian Prayer Breakfast has welcomed over 4600 guests over the past 10 years, coming together to hear inspirational speaking and to pray for our city, our nation, our world

Our Purpose
Our Vision
Basis of Unity/Covenant
Elements of Partnership
Our Board

Our Annual Budget is approximately $60,000, which is derived from the following sources. 

  • Churches and Servant Ministries represented by Steering Committee members contribute 23%   
  • Stakeholders donate 43%  
  • The remaining 34% of the Annual Budget is received from events and projects



Our History

In the Spring of 1997, Bill Bethel (Christian Businessman), Don Hill (Christian Businessman/Lay Leader) and Terry Sanderson (Pastor) were challenged by a Christian Unity Meeting in Toronto. These leaders had a vision which would see all our leaders of the Christian community co-operate with one another to expose all the people in our region to a repeated, understandable presentation of the gospel. In September 1997, the Christian Churches Network of London was founded. Six Pastors in the city accepted the call to take responsibility to lead this commitment and formed a Steering Committee.

Christian leaders from London were invited to an informal breakfast meeting, providing a venue for these leaders to get together & to know each other a little better. Attendees were asked to fill out short surveys to identify priorities as leaders in regards to personal needs, ministry needs and the needs of the communities they serve. Two additional breakfast meetings occurred in the following 9 months, along with monthly meetings of the steering committee, all to discuss results of the survey and develop a plan for the organization.

Research had been done in three communities in the United States on the successes and/or failures of the church and Christian community. These studies showed a strong success rate with outreach when the churches worked together to look at the needs within the community. This process involved particular steps that when taken, were consistent with their success. In the Fall of 1998, with the consulting assistance of John Mills and Jack Baribeau (Christian Businessmen), CCNL developed their vision and from this Christian Churches Network of London was developed.

In October 1998, the steering committee presented CCNL’s vision and goals to the Church community, encouraging those in attendance to join the organization to fulfill the vision and goals.

CCNL was incorporated on October 16th, 2001 and became a registered charity on March 19th, 2002.