Welcome to the New Look of CCNL

- some of us love it and are invigorated by the myriad of possibilities that new beginnings bring to us. Some of us, however, truly dislike change and yearn for the good old days, even if they were just last year... and maybe even if they were not so good, at least they were familiar. Most of us just seem to embrace change over time - maybe because we have no other choice! As soon as we figure something new out, it seems to change again.

William Pollard, an English clergyman in the mid-1800's said this:

"Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable".  

Fast forward to one of today's Christian leaders, Craig Groeschel, who words it this way:

“Progress is impossible without change. The best way to stunt organizational growth is to resist change. If your team constantly thinks the same way, holds onto the same habits, and makes the same assumptions, then you will continue to get the same results. If you want to grow, then embrace change.”

Over the last year, the board of CCNL met, prayed, discussed, wrestled with ideas, asked many questions, and then began to implement some new strategic directions. We are right in the midst of that change... honestly, it is always somewhat messy and does have us asking on occasion, "What were we thinking?"  But we suspect we always will need to be changing as Christian leaders in order to be effective models of the power of God within us. It just takes work!

However, we do want to reassure you of this - our purposes and values as a network of Christian leaders remain the same.

  • we think authentic, soulful Christian leadership is important
  • we think we need each other as members of the same body of Christ
  • we think we have an obligation to encourage, pray and support one another as leaders
  • we think that we as Christians ought have more commonalities in Christ than we have differences and need to show such deep love and respect for eachother's ministries.   
  • we think we have much to learn from one another
  • we think knowing one another can help to build better accountability
  • we think the world is rapidly changing around us as we are living in a post-church era that presents many challenges and opportunities
  • we think we all need to be active learners - certainly from God, from His Word and from His Spirit within us -  but we also need to build our understanding of the culture around us
  • we think we are imperfect leaders and will definitely make some errors, hopefully smaller ones, as we change....  and will need to forgive ourselves and one another

So bear with us please - some of the changes are cosmetic in how we communicate with one another. We're working at doing better on that front.  We are trying some new things "on the way to" finding effective ways to connect Christian leaders in London and area. New venues. New times. New kinds of topics to explore. New ways of connecting. New board members. Kind of exhausting and kind of scary but very exciting!  

What can you do to help?

  1. We hope you will give us constructive feedback, with much grace and encouragement required along the way.
  2. Commit to meeting at least one leader that you do not know each time you come to a CCNL event. Find out more about them and their ministry.
  3. If you know a new leader in London, invite them to come. Give them the contact info. Offer to meet them there. Make them feel welcome and introduce them to others.
  4. Pray for the volunteer board of the CCNL network as we look ahead - that we will be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit as we plan. 


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