Special Request


To CCNL partners

We need your help for our upcoming BBQ celebration lunch at Gateway on Tuesday, June 12th.

We want it to be a time for Christian leaders to get to know one another better and to recognize the many ways God is already working in our city.

WE need your help to do this!

We are creating a powerpoint slide presentation to run throughout  the BBQ.  We invite you  you to send us one or two photos from your church or ministry area, accompanied by the maximum of 15 word explanation for each to ccnl.org by June 1, at the latest.


We will send you one reminder a week before then, "gentle pressure relentlessly applied" commonly known as nagging. We recognize how busy you all are. It may be a new ministry started, a welcome to a staff member, a baptism, a new church plant begun, a group working together with another group, an idea taking shape,  an Alpha group meeting, a refugee family arriving, a partnership with a community group, a tax clinic, a worship time, a faithful group of seniors, a mom's group, an answer to prayer .....

Each of you is different - each ministry is unique - large or small - newer or older - much is happening.   

We are called to rejoice with each other.  We are excited to see how God will display His good work in London among us and through us as His people. Please take the time to share your part in the Kingdom work.