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Our primary focus at a network is on the commonalities we share within the body of Christ represented in our 'Basis of Unity Statement' and our 'Covenant of Mutual Respect'.

Our focus is on leaders because we believe leadership matters.  As leaders, we all need a safe space - often referred to as a "third space" -  to learn, engage, laugh, wonder, cry, argue, follow, trust  and be so very human at times.  As leaders feel a part of each other in community, in "real time",  we sincerely believe their leadership of who, where, how and even why they lead  can be strengthened significantly. 

Our Church Leaders come from a wide variety of Christian denominations and representations of Christ's body within our City -  larger groups, smaller groups, ethno-centric churches,  diverse community churches, structured or unstructured gatherings, and /or home churches - all designed to nurture, worship, instruct, disciple, serve and expand the work of Christ.
Leaders from these churches that choose to be a part of the network and give us their contact information are regularly invited to our events via email.

Our Christian Ministries leaders come from diverse kinds of organizations with specific Christian  ministry focus - most local, some more national, - missions, community development, Christian camps, campus outreach, children's ministries, social service agencies, Christian schools and much more. Key leaders from these organizations that become CCNL partners are also invited to come to our events.

Our board
is a combination of leaders from both areas, who volunteer their time, giftedness and passion to growing the connectedness, impact, and unity of leadership of the Church in London in order to bless this community and seek to bring honor to the name of Christ.

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