Christ the King University Parish/Office of Campus Ministry

Rev. Dr. Michael Bechard
266 Epworth Ave.,
London ON N6A 2M3

Deacon James Panchaud (Pastoral Care)
Deacon Victor Salazar (Migrant Outreach)
Annette Donovan-Panchaud (Outreach)
Janet Loo (Music and Worship)
Maija Wilson (Youth)
Lisa Caeiro (Administration)


Mission Statement:  on November 25, 2005, Ronald P. Fabbro, Bishop of London, decreed that Christ the King University Parish be established to serve the Catholic faithful connected to Western University.

Firmly rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, we seek to nurture and challenge students, staff, faculty and the wider community in order to bring all into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.  To this end, we provide programs and services in the areas of advocacy, catechesis, evangelization, community life, prayer and worship, justice and peace, leadership development and spiritual and pastoral counseling. 

We promote ecumenical and interfaith dialogue and prayer and seek to understand and serve the People of God and the entire human family.

We recognize that no one group of people is able to meet the needs of every individual and we are more than willing to help point you 'in the right direction' towards someone in connection with the Office of the Dean of Students or staff and faculty who are part of the Western University Chaplains' Association and who might be able to serve you and meet your needs.