Villages United Church of Canada

Paul Vollick 
34500 Granton Line, PO Box 902, Granton  N0M 1V0

Churches that fall under the Umbrella of Villages United Church of Canada Rural Ministries:
        Kirkton United, Centralia United, Bryanston United and Zion West United 

Granton is the main HUB and we hold services in Granton, Lucan, Kirkton, Centralia, Bryanston and Zion West which is just off of Hern line. 

Services vary – summer schedule there is only one service at 10:15 and rotates between the locations.

Fall schedule – Saturday evening 5:30 in Lucan (location TBD)                         

Sunday morning: 
 9am at Kirkton & either Centralia or Zion West (rotates every other month)                                        
 10:15 at Villages United Granton location 

 11:30ish at Bryanston United