The Rock on Campus at Fanshawe College

Rev. Francois Kruger, Executive Director
PO Box 848
Granton, ON N0M 1V0
519-452-4430 x 4352

Our Mission

Our mission is to encounter students, engage them in conversations of faith, and point them to Jesus Christ and to the local church.

The Rock on Campus plants chaplains on community college campuses across Canada, to engage students in campus ministry, linking local evangelical churches with opportunities for young adult ministry.

About Our Charity

Young adults are leaving the local church in large numbers. Chaplains engage young adults in friendship and conversation and point students back to faith in Christ, seeking to encourage young adults to consider how this faith fits into their Monday-Saturday living. Campus ministry is a key way to involve young adults in this discussion.

We have four objectives:

1. To challenges students to address life's greatest questions

2. To minister to students (and staff) in their time of need

3. To point students to Jesus Christ

4. To reverse the exodus of young adults from their communities of faith