Dear Pastors and Ministry Leaders:


Jesus’s last prayer recorded in John 17:11 provides the backdrop for my motivation to serve with CCNL. When Jesus asked his father to bring unity among his followers, I am sure he looked ahead to 2021 and extended that request for us today. In my lifetime I cannot recall a time when it felt like disunity was so prevalent. As Christ followers, our unity is a reflection of the very character of God.


In my role as Executive Director for CCNL my passion is to see the Christian community here in London reflect God’s character in a tangible way – by loving one another and by serving together. After all, we are brothers and sisters, and we all serve the same father in heaven.


Three words help articulate my vision for CCNL:


  1. RELATIONSHIP.  Relationship is essential to unity and it breeds partnership in ministry. Our goal at CCNL is to provide a platform for relationships. To be a catalyst bringing leaders together for the ultimate good of the kingdom.
  2. PARTNERSHIP.  Partnership is a witness to the world that we are in this together. We have one unified gospel and one common message – Jesus Christ is the answer to all human need.
  3. LEADERSHIP.  When it comes to any organized group of people it is commonly acknowledged that it’s all about leadership. Leaders have been put in place by God as the chief stewards and our primary mission is the kingdom of God – not our own kingdom, but God’s. In this context leaders cooperate and collaborate for the greater good of kingdom-building.


I invite you to be a contributing member of our Christian leadership network here in London. CCNL is a platform for connecting and encouraging. It only works when we make an investment of time and caring for one another. CCNL is not an events-based medium – we are a network with the sole purpose of working toward John 17:11.  Let us glorify our Lord by being the answer to his prayer and let us surprise the gallery of spectators by living a life of unity in such a way that our actions speak as loud as our words.


Serving together

Barry Slauenwhite

Executive Director



519 – 868 – 2962