We wanted to share some notes from our first online virtual meeting 
We are so thankful that you attended our first online CCNL meeting. We with 90 people registered it was a great success and I know that those that were able to join in and hear Carey’s great words of wisdom were impacted by what he had to share. As a quick recap see below for his 7 strategies for How to Lead yourself and team in a crisis.
7 strategies for How to Lead yourself and team in a crisis
  1. Cultivate top sources of information.
    1. Find the most reliable sources
    2. Form a crisis team
    3. Mute unhelpful sources
  2. Embrace Stockdale paradigm
    1. Must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end with the disciple to confront the brutal facts of your situation.
    2. Never lose hope but confront the facts
  3. Make sleep, diet and exercise non-negotiable
  4. Walk away
    1. Protect your asset – you, protect your heart and mind so that they can function to make tough decisions.
    2. There is no end to need
  5. Cultivate friendships
    1. Connect with a friend everyday
  6. Carve out Silence
  7. Grieve your losses