• Nov 15 Thu

    Bridging the Gap Between Faith and Technology

    November 15, 2018 @ 19:00-21:00
    Yvonne Ljunggren
    We live in a rapidly increasing digital age. The challenge for us as Christian leaders is bridging the growing gap between faith and technology.  FaithTech founder, James Kelly, from Waterloo, will be sharing on the seeming paradox of combining faith and tech effectively in our organizations and lives.

    We live in a world where people turn to Alexa as the source of truth and conversation.  A world where technology is not just a helpful resource but has become a powerful addiction. Faithtech is a movement within cities pioneering a new way to share the good news in an era driven by computers. It  focuses on creating Kingdom-minded solutions to real-world problems, inspired by the phrase..." In the midst of devastation, there is room for innovation."

    Our friends at voices .com are graciously allowing us to use their space on the 7th floor of the Bell building downtown. It suits the topic. We used it last year for our two young leaders conversations events and it was an amazing space.

    Now you may be thinking " I'll just send my audio-visual techs...no, no, no ....this is a bigger level discussion about faith and culture. A number of pastors and other Christian leaders have told us they heard James Kelly at conferences and were inspired to think differently about using technology to impact the world around them in poverty initiatives, suicide prevention, outreach and much more.

    Click here to see James Kelly interviewed on 100 Huntley Street or click here to watch on The 700 Club.